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Why won’t they see me? How it feels Royal Mail Steve Hewitt My daughter used to call me “the best daddy in the world.” Then my wife took off with another man, and poisoned her mind against me, assisted by the Family Courts. How can this be right? If a single word on this web-site is untrue, I challenge any of the people named to sue me for libel. Liz Barry 24 Field Head Place Tettenhall Wolverhampton.mpg Steve Hewitt had an affair with Liz Barry for a year,. She left me for him. This was the 4th major affair in his marriage....more Would you want either of these two men anywhere near your children?

John Ruddy has cheated on his last 2 wives.  He currently lives with Liz Barry...more


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In our divorce settlement, Liz Barry was given £103,000, nearly all we had, and the order specified it was to be used to buy a house for her and our 3 children. She did buy a house with it, 45 Chelmarsh Ave, Wolverhampton, but not for the children, as an investment for herself! For 8 years it stood empty, while she remained living in a council flat with the children. It became an eyesore, and it was taken over by the Council under a compulsory purchase order in 2013. She, not our children, was paid the value of it.